Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Instant Appetizer

No Need to Fuss

Sometimes you just need something simple for early arrivers to nibble on while you await the arrival of stragglers and/or divas.
In this case, we selected a fragrant lemon goat cheese, some interesting seedy crackers in three shapes and a little garnish of lemon slices and fresh dill. Let the goat cheese warm to room temperature for easy spreading.


  1. I've got some of each, the cheese from an organic goat farm half a mile up the road, the crackers are seedier than the hotel by the bus station, and the lemons are from our local organic coop.

    No question about tomorrow's started!

  2. Thanks, Runt.
    Just today my ex told me nobody gives a damn about cheese n' crackers posts.
    She wants only spectacular recipes and photos.
    No cheese is spectacular enough.

    But then she's not that much of a goat cheese fan.