Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gimme the Mona Lisa Burger, SVP

We Are Still Americans.

Horrors! By the time we'd slogged through billions of dollars and centuries worth of art treasures at the Louvre, we located a chic cafe inside the museum with a multi page menu filled with mouth watering offerings that would boggle the mind of anyone with taste buds.

But it was day six or seven of the trip, and by God, we craved a big ass hamburger, fries and a giant Coca Cola. For a mere 18 Euros, plus another 5 Euros for the Coke (about $30 U.S.) we were served a half pound, succulent beef burger slathered with a flawless Bearnaise sauce, crisp hand-cut fries and a large Coke with at least three gratuitious ice cubes in the glass.

It felt so lovely to be seated in the elegant cafe, surrounded by international travelers, dignified servers and an interior decor in shades of ivory, gold and mossy pastel green that would have suited any member of the French nobility.

It was hard to believe that just moments earlier I'd been nearly forced to elbow the temple of some pinched faced bastard from Wisconsin who kept jostling me as I tried to photograph the Mona Lisa. He and his haggy old Korean 'bride' (whom I referred to as Yoko) ended up at a nearby table in the cafe, but I sat with my back to them as they gnawed at their meager salads in bitter silence.

Regardless of their nattering presence, that burger was one helluva great lunch.

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