Saturday, September 4, 2010

Help a Girl Out

What's Your Favorite French Food?

As some of you know, I'm going to Paris next week for a couple of weeks.
I've never been, and I don't want to miss even one culinary treat.
Will you please share in the comments your most memorable French food, snack, meal or dessert?
Even if you had it in America or another country, if it's French I want to know about it.
Merci beaucoup!


  1. Go to a patisserie and try a religieuse. It's two balls of puff pastry filled with custard (vanilla or chocolate)with the smaller ball sitting on top of the bigger one. The whole matter is drizzled with a chocolate or coffee flavored glaze.

    Also, the ice cream in France has a different texture. Marvelous.

    I'm stuck on sweets, aren't I?

  2. Read David Lebowitz's blog--he's an American chef, living in Paris, and his blog is chock full of suggestions for American foodie travelers. Bonne chance!


  3. I can't depart from Lisa's sweet theme - petits fours glacés are completely scrumptious and dangerously moreish.

    Shamefully, save for hot bread and butter, I lived on spag-bol and McDonalds otherwise. I was young and poor...

    Bonnes Vacances!

  4. never been to france, and only went to a french restaurant once, so i'm no help at all. however, if i was going there, i would be tempted to try any and all pastry and bread.

  5. Oh my. How about the real, wonderful, big as your head Salade Nicoise at the Danton on Sainte Germaine. With a lovely basket of french bread, a glass of red wine, followed by a stop your heart strength espresso. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

  6. Sorry. To clarify, this is in Paris. I get there at least once a year. MM.

  7. Karen, After you have settled into your hotel room, walk out on the street and just amble until you find a shop titled "Patiserrie". (In all probability, you will have walked less than 10 blocks.) Walk in, inhale deeply, approach the counter, and with eyes big as saucers, point at each beautiful confection and repeat to the salesperson, "Un comme ca, et un comme ca, et un comme ca.....etc." You will thank me, I promise! BTW, the finest meal I have ever eaten was at the restaurant Tour d'Argents in Paris. The dining room looks out over the Seine and Notre Dame Cathedral. While they are famous for their Duck a l'Orange, I started with ethereal Quenelles in a velvety cream sauce, followed by Tournedos Felix (named for the chef's Pere)and ended the meal with a melange of fruit sorbets. Divine! And try a cornet of glace on the street -- it's fabulous! As Julia would say, "Bon Appetit!"

  8. You guys are sensational!
    My mouth is watering and I plan to write about French food for days after I return.
    I loved all your lush descriptions, thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

  9. ok -- the both times i was in paris i ate my way through the city - the breads, the cheeses and the wine


    the best is the Ice Cream - there is an ice cream parlor on the Ile de Saint Louis......

  10. Zip, I was there last summer and everything on the typical French menu I like. Foi Gras, Escargot, Duck, the fish is fresh and fabulous. I had some of the best lamb chops at the Paris Bistro, ever. You can't go wrong with the steak/frites, it is true that the French make the best French fries!
    Take a suitcase full of Euros, it ain't cheap, but worth every penny. Paris should be the Capital of the World!

  11. Rowdy, how I wish I could pack you in my luggage and take you with me. We could write a book on how to gain weight and then go into a carb coma with smiles on our faces.
    Note: Rowdy is my good friend in real life and once she took me to dinner and blew more than $800 on food and wine. I am still awestruck by her generosity and chutzpah.

  12. I finally got to try macarons, the cookies in the photo. They are delicious, with a semi firm merangue outside and the most intense jellied center fillings. If you dare eat more than three of them (they average the size of an Oreo) you will go into a sugar coma.